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Exaltation Forge
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The Exaltation Forge system is aimed at granting 3 different abilities, which

 work in a similar way and at the same time in conjunction with Charms and Imbuements. However, there is a difference for Charms, which would be the fact that they can be used on any creature or character (there is no need to "select" which creature to activate) and also a difference for Imbuements, which would be the fact that it doesn't last long.

To access the Exaltation System, just go to the Exaltation Forge located in the Adventurers' Guild.

These 3 skills mentioned above can be used in only 3 item categories, which are Weapons, Armor and Helmets. Each item that can be upgraded has a Rating ranging from 1 to 4. These skills grant different effects, and they are:

Skills - [PT-BR: Habilidades]

Onslaught for Weapons Work likes the imbuement system, being able to add 60% extra damage to your attack, damage that is; cumulative with critical damage, thus reaching even higher values.

Ruse for Armors works like the well-known Dodge Charms system, but with the difference that we have no restrictions in terms of selecting who to use.

Momentum for Helmets is something brand new, that works if your logout block is active and serves to reduce the cooldown in 2 seconds secondary group spells, that is, you cannot cast two attack spells in a single turn or three healing spells at the same time, but you can use 2 consecutive attack spells.

  • O efeito de cada uma das habilidades is the same in all its levels what increases is the chance of activation according to the “Tier”. All of the above effects have a relatively low chance to activate, so they don't make an item overly powerful. According to the following table:

How to Use - [PT-BR: Como Usar]


Fiendish e Influenced creatures are stronger common creatures that have a low chance of being found in place of a normal creature. These creatures have increased damage and maximum health according to the amount of stacks they have. The more stacks they have, the stronger they are.

Influenced creatures can have 1 to 5 stacks which are indicated with a dust icon and a number next to its name. Devil creatures don't have a visual stack number, but their power would be equivalent to a devil creature with 15 stacks.

Devil creatures have a dust icon Fiendish Creature with an exclamation mark as well as an orange shadow in their names. For example, .

Devil creatures are limited to 3 alive at the same time and replace a normal creature in a spawn. Once a diabolic creature dies, an existing creature anywhere on the map becomes diabolical in 5 minutes.

A player can use the spell Find Fiend - (exiva moe res)
To locate the nearest demonic creature.
The spell works similarly to Find Person - (exiva).

influenced Creatures - [PT-BR: Criaturas Influenciadas]
Influenced creatures have a low chance of appearing instead of a normal creature. Unlike diabolic/b> creatures, influenced creatures remain influenced until a player kills them or until the server save happens.
The amount of stacks of an influenced creature is; displayed under your name next to the Influenced creature icon.

The extra strength of an influenced creature is proportional to the amount of stacks it has. The devil creatures have the strength relative to 15 stacks.

Dusts, Slivers and Exalted Cores
Both types of creatures yield Dusts once killed, however only the diabolical produce Slivers. Just as these influenced creatures are stronger, they produce more dust the more accumulations they have.

Both resources are used in the Forge of Exaltation. You can also transform your Dust on Slivers (60 Dust for 3 Slivers), and their Slivers in Exalted Cores (50 Slivers for 1 Core).

When killing a Evil or Influenced creature, the same amount of Dust is granted to all Party members who currently own Logout Lock and are located within the exp sharing range distance (i.e. less than or equal to 30 fields, on the same floor or one floor above/below). Each party member gets the same amount of Dust that a single player would get if they killed the creature alone, without being in a party. In other words, there is no such thing. downside to "sharing" Dust this way.

The amount of Dust received depends on the amount of stacks the creature has, and for each stack players will receive 1-3 dusts. As well as its strength, a devilish creature produces dust for 15 stacks.
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