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How gain
  • The Loyalt System It is a system of total benefit to all players and it is very easy to obtain your Loyalt Points, killing bosses, participating in wars, buying and contributing to our store, see more examples in our table below:
  • Exceptions: Elite Knight and Royal Paladin dont receive bonus on MAGIC LEVEL, just in others skills.
Ways of Earning Total Gain
War System 10 points
VIP 100 points per day
Buying 30 days of VIP +1 skill loyalt
Bosses 5 points

Ranks & Gains
Rank Points Skills
Scout 2500 1
Sentinel 5000 2
Steward 10000 3
Warden 15000 4
Squire 20000 5
Keeper 25000 6
Guardian 30000 7
Sage 35000 8
Savant 40000 9
Enlightened 45000 10

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